Thursday, January 21, 2010


I try to be a good husband and help out around the house. I even do a good share of the dusting, employing one o'those Swiffer duster thingies.
So when I'm done dusting for the week, there are two possibilities. Either the Swiffer thingie is covered in an ugly coat of dust or it isn't.
One time, when it was especially dusty, my wife said "You must not have been dusting very well or the Swiffer wouldn't have so much dust on it."
A few weeks later, the Swiffer wasn't so dusty. My wife's comment? "Why is the Swiffer so clean? Aren't you dusting?"
So... if the Swiffer is dirty, it's because I screwed up and let things get too dirty. If the Swiffer is clean, however, it's because I screwed up and didn't dust well enough.
And people wonder why I no longer give a shit what they think about me. :-)


  1. I can top that one. Not too long ago something was knocked off from a shelf. I did not knock it off. In fact, I was not even in the house when it happened. But I was still blamed. Why, you might ask?

    Because I was the person who put it on the shelf six months prior.

  2. Do something right, no one remembers. Do something wrong, no one forgets.

    Aaron Stengel