Monday, January 18, 2010

Mmmmm.... Poutine!

So here I am at my penultimate workday at WFUM. (I'm working tomorrow to oversee our station's backup schedule and then I'm outta here until my exit interview on Jan. 29).

So what am I thinking about? The impending change in my life? The fact that I will be without a job for the first time since I've been 12?

No. Those would be the reactions of a normal brain. My brain may be many things, but normal it is not.

No, I'm sitting here at my desk dreaming of a huge serving of delicious poutine. For those of you whose lives have been denied this bit of inexpensive culinary heaven, poutine is an awesome dish served in Canada. The recipe is simplicity itself. You take French Fries and Cheese Curds and pour gravy all over 'em. That's it. But mmmmmmm... I want some SO bad right now. Thing is, I've never seen poutine outside of Canada.

Well, one of the things I was hoping to try with my extra time was to do some cooking. I think this may be a challenge. I may have to attempt to create some poutine on this side of the border!

I don't know if "I've made poutine" would go over well on a resume, (it would if I ran the world!) but it now sounds like something I must try!


  1. Is this a distant cousin of cottage cheese and ketchup dish your family is so fond of?

    Aaron Stengel

  2. John, you've done the impossible. You've actually found a food that I would never want to eat.

  3. Steve: But... but... poutine has CHEESE! And Gravy! And greasy French Fries! How could you NOT want to eat it?

  4. Aaron: VERY distant, I suppose! :-) (Cottage cheese and ketchup trivia: CC & K is the favorite food of Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast Olga Korbut. Not making that up!)