Thursday, January 28, 2010


I was watching the WCMU-controlled WFUM signal last night to watch the State of the Union coverage.
Except it wasn't on.
They were airing a pledge program instead. Not only that, but the pledge program was being aired in "postage stamp" format. (For those of you with actual lives, this means the video was a small picture in the middle of the screen with a large black border around it.) From a technical standpoint, this is inexcusable. The digital conversion took place nearly a year ago and these formatting issues should have been dealt with long ago.
There have been some who have feared the WCMU acquisition of WFUM was motivated less by a sense of wanting to serve the Flint community than by a desire to "carpetbag" the larger Flint audience in order to get as much money out of it as possible. What I saw last night, combined with reports I've heard that the only additional staff WCMU is planning to hire will be underwriting salespeople for the Flint market does little to calm those fears.
If WCMU wanted to impress the Flint community, they should have aired the State of the Union address live and in full HD.
But airing a technically substandard pledge show instead? I'm unimpressed.

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