Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Unemployment is Hard Work!

Silly me! I began my new experience as an unemployed leech on society thinking I'd be sleeping in and lounging around all day. No such luck.
Today, in fact, I had to wake up even earlier than I had to when I was working. I took the kids to the dentist, dropped them off at school, went to the bank, stopped by the Secretary of State office, picked up some books for my daughter at the library and went to my (former) workplace to fill out some paperwork.
I came home, did my daily job search, called the doctor, walked the dog, did some dusting, helped my daughter study for a test and cooked dinner. Then, I had to go to the local supermarket to pick up a prescription and a couple gallons of milk.
I hope I find a job soon... so I can relax!

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