Saturday, March 6, 2010

Must...Have... (Quality)...Tea...

This is wrong. Horribly, metaphysically, cosmically wrong.

I knew that with unemployment and its resultant reduction in income I would need to make sacrifices. And I have. All unnecessary purchases have been eliminated. Books? Can’t buy ‘em anymore. I’ve gotta hope the ones I want show up at the library someday. Clothes? Salvation Army. Food? Ramen noodles.

For the most part, I have adjusted to this new asceticism fairly well… with one oh-so-major exception. Tea. I have the distinct disadvantage of being an incorrigible tea snob on a limited income. The thought of having to consume common swill via teabags is anathema to me. I must have high-quality loose leaf tea. Twining’s at the very least. I suppose Teavana isn’t a realistic option anymore. Hell, if I were a rich zillionaire I’d go to Toronto’s House of Tea and stock up on hundreds of dollars worth of the most amazing teas available in North America. But I’ve gotta wait at least until I either win the lottery or get a job. And in this economy I can’t say for certain which is the more likely possibility.

This sucks. Perhaps I can ask for a Teavana gift certificate for my birthday. But dammit, that won’t be until July. My Twining tins are down to nothing but tea dust.

Things could get very, very, very ugly…


  1. You think you know a guy. You've been friends with him since high school. He's eaten pizza out of your pocket. He was the best man at your wedding, and vice versa, but then he lets a bomb like this drop.

    You can look past the love of curling, you can sort of understand his love of Abba, but tea. That's almost too much.

    But then again, I've consumed more brominated vegetable oil than a person reasonably should, so what right have I to judge?

  2. Of course I didn't tell you about my tea addiction. But then again, you didn't ask! :-)

  3. "But then again, you didn't ask! :-)"

    I don't even want to think about the other things I'm not asking about.