Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Coming Up Next... in My Dreams

I suppose everybody has an idea for a TV show and I’m no different. So here’s mine. There’s a cool website called random.org that has lots of interesting random number generators and whatnot. One of my favorite applications on that site, however, is a tool that allows you to select random geographic coordinates. Just press a button and it picks a random spot on the planet superimposed on Google maps.

The idea for the show is simplicity itself: click for a random spot on earth and go there with a camera crew. See what’s there. Talk to the people if there are any around. What’s the site’s history? What’s it like now? If, as statistically is likely, the random spot is in the middle of an ocean, get a submarine and look around to see what kind of fish and sea critters there are.

The place that is randomly picked may be idyllic; it may be a war ravaged hellhole. That’s part of the point. Just pick a random spot and see what’s there.

So I’ve got the idea… now all I need is equipment, a production budget, a distributor…


  1. "now all I need is equipment, a production budget, a distributor..."

    And a nerdy babe with large breasts and cleavage sort of like Kari Byron.

  2. Yeah... except with my luck I'd randomly get either Antarctica or someplace controlled by the Taliban - in which case she'd either have to wear a parka or a burkha and nobody could see how hot she was.

  3. Somehow I think that if you did have your show and if it did have a super hot host, the locations would not be completely random and would involve plenty of hip "hot spots," clubs, and beaches.