Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lions & Tigers & Lesbians... Oh My!

In an earlier posting, I had discussed a book which argued Neanderthals weren’t as backward and brutish as once believed. It appears, however, that certain members of the species Homo sapiens are displaying behavior better suited to the early Paleolithic.

In Jackson, Mississippi, a Lesbian student wanted to bring a female date to the senior prom. She also wanted to wear a tuxedo. Personally, I feel as long as she buys the prom ticket, she should be allowed to bring whomever she likes. And trust me; having seen some of the prom dresses being worn nowadays, a tux would be downright refreshing.

Well, the school board couldn’t leave well enough alone. They tried to ban the gay couple from attending. When the ACLU threatened to file a lawsuit to allow her to attend, the school board simply cancelled the prom altogether.

So, of course, people are blaming the Lesbian teen for the prom being cancelled!

News flash! The teen didn’t cancel the prom; the homophobic school board did! News flash number two: most high school students today don’t give a rodent’s behind about anyone’s sexual orientation. There are so many successful openly gay people out there it’s simply no big deal to them. It’s the old farts who have the hang-ups about it.

If I were rich and famous, I’d rent out a hall down there for those who wish to attend to have a prom anyway and tell the school board to go to hell.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that the main opponents to having a (gasp!) Lesbian at a prom are Christian fundamentalists.

And it is also no surprise that these backasswards morons are trying to spin the debate so as to make themselves look like the victims. One Baptist minister went so far as to complain that the South was being made to appear “backwards” when, in fact, it was merely a case of Southerners having “biblically based values”.

Hmmm… could it possibly be that in comparison to enlightenment values “biblically based values” ARE backward?

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  1. What the school should have done was have a separate but equal lesbian prom. They could have hired Joe Francis from Girls Gone Wild to video it. And then they could have made a fortune on pay-per-view and DVD sales.