Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The REAL American Outdoorsman!

You might not realize it, but I'm now famous in the world of local outdoor activities.

A few weekends ago, I took my daughter and her friend to Lake Nepessing for a fishing outing sponsored by a group at her school, the Hahn Outdoors Club. For a laugh, I hooked some lures into a well-worn hat I had lying around for that "total fisherman look".

After doing some unsuccessful fishing from the dock, some club members kindly offered to take a group of kids - my daughter and her friend included - out onto the lake in a motorboat. After the kids had piled in, there would be no room left for me (unless I kicked-out one of the kids, and even I'M not THAT much of a jerk)!

So the kids went out on the lake and caught numerous Bluegills while I sat on the dock with my MP3 player doing absolutely nothing.

Lest you feel sorry for me sitting alone on the dock for a couple hours, all I can say is that after the rough week I'd had up until then, 120 minutes of brain-neutral vegetating on the shore of a scenic lake on a sunny autumn day was pure bliss!

Anyhoo, while I was sitting there oblivious on the dock just being a solar sponge, one of the organizers of the event snapped my picture.

And today, I found myself - fishing-lure hat and all - featured on the cover of the Hahn Outdoors Club Newsletter!

So all you guys with dead fish and antlers on your walls, bow down before me! I now have OUTDOORSMAN CRED!!!
P.S. - You will notice I'm wearing my denim jacket with embroidered Apollo mission patches. Your denim jacket will NEVER be as cool!


  1. Did you sign a waiver? Maybe we can sue their asses for violating your proprietary imaging and publication rights.

  2. I suppose that's a possibility... except I'm guessing the total assets of the club consist of a used $14 fishing pole and seven plastic containers of bait grubs.