Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dreamland Was So Nice

Last night I had a strange dream.
I was at work. The new owners of the station were here and had no idea what to do. They were holding frantic meetings trying to figure out how to run the station but could only decide to hold more meetings. I, meanwhile, knew exactly what had to be done. I was in a working frenzy with complete focus on keeping the station going. I was totally swamped with work, but I found it extremely invigorating. I was completely "in the zone" as the sports folks say. I was busy as hell but was getting the job done and absolutely loving it.
Eventually, the new owners noticed I knew what the hell I was doing and gratefully stayed out of my way while I did my thing.
And then I awoke... and went to this dying station not knowing for certain what the November schedule will be - even though it's less than two weeks away.
And I've been informed the station's Operations Office will soon need to be vacated.
I still remember the first time I saw that office. Was it really just a few short years ago? The smell of new paint permeated the air. Jim Gaver pointed to a room with a nice view of the campus.
"Like this office? It's yours!" And it was. I miss that office. I miss the view.
And I miss the future. It seemed so bright and promising. It now seems as fictional as that dream I had last night...

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