Sunday, September 27, 2009


As a bit of an astronomy buff, I've always wanted to see a really nice fireball roar through the sky. Sure, I've seen dozens if not hundreds of little "shooting star" type meteors, but nothing REALLY big & spectacular.
Well, on Friday night, my luck changed. Leanne & I were driving home from a WFUM staff reunion/farewell party at the White Horse Tavern in Flint. While at a stop light in Burton, we saw a massive bright white fireball falling from ENE toward the east for a duration of about 3-4 seconds.
Being a nerd, I sent a report into the AMS website, which tracks this sort of thing. I found out they got about 30 other reports of the same fireball and that it was seen in Ontario, New York and Pennsylvania. Judging from the reports, and its location in the sky reported from different locations, it looks like the fireball most likely fell over southern Ontario.
So after years of waiting, I finally got to see a fireball. Groovy!


  1. Don't get your hope up. It was probably only a flying saucer from Mars.

  2. The secretary in our office saw it when she was in Ontario.