Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Clueless Patriotism

Today, as I drove into work in my Toyota Corolla (the best and most reliable car I've ever owned, by the way) I found myself behind a Pontiac Vibe. The Vibe had a red white & blue bumper sticker with something about "Buy American" on it and an arrow pointing to the Pontiac logo saying "I did my part!"

Yep. in their mind, the Vibe owner was a real patriot 'cause they bought an all-American car... a Pontiac! Me? I'm an anti-American liberal Commie scum 'cause I bought a goddamned Jap car.

But, oh! The delicious irony! What the Vibe owner apparently didn't realize is that underneath the body, the Pontiac Vibe is... a Toyota Corolla! Yep, the "all-American" Pontiac Vibe is nothing more than a Toyota Corolla E-platform chassis with a different body and a Pontiac logo slapped on the side! But I guess they're still more patriotic than I am, though. THEY had a red, white & blue bumper sticker that said so!

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