Sunday, May 17, 2009

Silver Lining

I realize my blog might have been a little on the depressing side lately. I don't mean for it to be such a downer, but it has merely been a reflection of what's been going on in my life.

I am happy, though, to have a wee bit of good news to share. A group of documentary filmmakers from Canada are working on a film called "Dear John". It's about the closure of the John Deere factory in Welland, Ontario and the resulting harmful impact on their local economy. Through a sequence of events so convoluted I can't even reconstruct them, we somehow were contacted by said filmmakers to see if Ice Halo, an acoustic group I'm in, could contribute a song for the soundtrack. (Actually, I think they were talking to Joel Rash regarding the project and he suggested us to them... so thanks, Joel!)

Anyway, to make a long story short, the Dear John folks have released a trailer for the film and lo & behold one of our songs, "Short Circuit" was featured in it! I thought that was pretty cool and it provided me with a much-needed lift to my spirits!

Ironically, given my current circumstances, the words of the laid-off workers featured in the clip resonate with me more than ever now, so I'm even happier to be associated in at least a small way with the efforts of these fine filmmakers from north o'the border!

I'm going to try to embed the video of the trailer to this post, but since I don't know what the hell I'm doing, it may or may not work. If it does, feel free to check out the clip and if "Dear John" should ever be screened at a film festival near you, please support their work and see it if you get a chance!

Well I'll be damned! It worked! I may catch on to this computer stuff after all!!!


  1. Awesome, I can't wait to get home and watch it. (They won't let me watch most video sites at work.)

  2. Pretty good song John, although a raging guitar solo would have made it perfect. If you need to borrow any Racer-X songs to practice to, let me know.

    Heck, the members of Racer-X are probably working at some 7-11 in LA, maybe you could just hire 'em.