Friday, May 15, 2009

Broke or Just Broken?

The Univeristy of Michigan, the very institution that on April 23 announced they no longer had the money to fund WFUM, yesterday announced they were purchasing the 174-acre Pfizer research complex for an estimated $108 million.

Broke indeed.


  1. The sad part is that they're using it to put in their new CW affiliate offices and MCR.

  2. The loss of WFUM is just one more reason why the students that attend the city's universities will not want to even think about raising a family in the area. Flint has been becoming more of a college town but does not retain most of the graduates to serve the community. What kind of a future can a city have when its chief attraction and economic stronghold exports it's product to build up other communities? We are left with thousands of students each year that have just enough disposable income to keep the fast food and retail chains alive before moving on.
    --Aaron Stengel