Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beginner's Luck

I spent this morning freezing my ass off on the ice of Lake Nepessing. The reason was so I could take my daughter ice fishing for the first time in her life. Actually, it was the first time she had been fishing ever.
For that matter, it was the first time I'VE ever been ice fishing!
But her school has a fishing & outdoors club and they had an ice fishing get-together and I did my fatherly duties.
My little Maddie used a homemade pole that she made at one of the club meetings.
So how did my little girl do? Well, on her first time fishing ever after (literally!) about 15 seconds, she caught her first fish! A little Bluegill we got a picture of and released.
A short while later she caught a second slightly larger one which missed third place in size in her age group by less than an inch. Her friends didn't have any luck catching anything.
It was a lot of fun and the folks who put on the shindig did a real good job organizing everything. (And the BBQ pork sandwiches in the warming tent were a real hit!)
Anyone who knows me can vouch for the fact that I'm not anywhere near being an outdoorsman, but this was a nice little daddy-daughter outing.
I guess I may have to buy her a real fishing pole now!

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