Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Resolutions for 2015

   Okay. I realize making and keeping resolutions are two very different things, but my Quixotic nature compels me to at least try.
   First, as most people do, I will try to take steps to maintain my health. (I would say “maintain and improve”, but at my age I’ll settle for the former). In order to accomplish this I will try to maintain a basic exercise regimen. Nothing too brutal, but enough to get some cardio on my days off. Having a job that requires physical activity will also help in this regard. I will also try to improve my diet. This is an instance where the younger generation is teaching the older. My son is eating healthier, eschewing red meat and transitioning to vegetarianism. Though I doubt I will go that far, I will try to decrease the amount of red meat in my diet and will try to decrease my binge eating. I will also try to pay attention to my mental health through mindfulness techniques and other practices that may be useful.

   Second, I will try to continue my education by taking advantage of free online college courses. By using random methods of choosing courses, I hope to challenge myself to learn in areas that I might not have thought I’d have an interest. I may be bored on occasion but I think it more likely I may surprise myself and awaken an interest that had been dormant.

Finally, I will try to do something creative every day. Even if it’s only 15 minutes a day as my schedule allows, I will do my best to do SOMETHING… whether it’s songwriting, poetry, prose writing, playing guitar or learning keyboards, I will try my best to do something that will cause my life to be more than just work and chores. Consider this post to be the first installment in this undertaking. We'll both see what happens.

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