Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yep. It Was THAT Bad!

Yesterday at work, I was cleaning patient rooms. The day started off with two of the patients - uh - let's just say they were mobility impaired and didn't quite reach the restroom facilities in time. Yours truly got to clean it up. And it wasn't just urine. (I'll keep it at that to keep from getting TOO graphic.)
While cleaning it up, I couldn't help but think the following: here I am, cleaning filth off bathroom floors after driving to Ann Arbor to work. And I'm STILL far happier than I was working at that commercial TV station!!!
At least working at the hospital I get compliments, positive feedback and nice words from the people there. I'm actually treated as a human being and not some worthless cog in some remorseless money-making behemoth.
Oh... and I finally got my work uniform. It's more functional than stylish, but DAMN... do I ever look blue-collar-union in that blue shirt and navy work pants!


  1. "do I ever look blue-collar-union in that blue shirt and navy work pants"

    I'm anxiously awaiting your new mustache!

  2. Naw. It wouldn't look right unless I could get one o'those "Village People" mustaches... and that's just not gonna happen during this lifetime.

  3. Come one John. You already wear flannel shirts, like hockey, and drink beer. The mustache would only complete the circle of your life.

    If you need anymore evidence on the awesomeness of mustaches, check this out!

    Er, maybe that's not the best example.